Secret Garden ~ Blooming people!

It’s not always flowers that I love to photograph but also the human blooms that arrive in the fields of England when the marquees are set up, the sound sytem plugged in and the festival fancy dress adorned. This year I visited Secret Garden Party for my gorgeous friend Kim’s music website neverenoughnotes and had an utter ball surreptitiously snapping the beautiful ones…enjoy!

Β©2010 Tori Green. All Rights Reserved.


70 thoughts on “Secret Garden ~ Blooming people!

    1. Can’t tell you how lovely it is to hear a comment relating me to that song and Florence! It was one of my inspirations when I began you clever Mrs Frills you! Thank you :o)

    1. Heya tinku, thank you for commenting. What is beauty? I call the people beautiful in this series as they express to me a purity of spirit that allows their joy and being to shine through. What about you?

  1. Some absolute beauts here! I wasn’t at SGP this year, but did go to Shambala… here you will find as much if not even more colour, crafts and secret tunnels than in the Garden. The mud dampened not a single heart or spirit.x

  2. secret garden party… sounds like something i would love t be part of… your pictures feel like they’ve just captured the very spirit… i wish i could have been there.

  3. This is amazing. I love doing makeup myself, and things like this pretty much make me squeal with glee. so much excellence in one placE!

  4. wow. beautiful characters! amazing photos. I would have loved to attend this. To bad we don’t have one in Vancouver, Canada! Secret Garden Party…. was there tea πŸ™‚ ?

  5. the pictures are on fire!! they’re all so hot especially the one with the woman who colored herself blue!!


  6. Hey I was just logging onto my account when I saw your post. Is the Tori Green who took these photos also the Tori Green that worked at Adventure Unlimited a few years back? By the way I really like the images.

  7. Wow, these pictures are gorgeous and it looks like it was a really fun (and super colorful) time. It looks like it’d be just perfect for people watching too and seeing the different fashions.

  8. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Been looking for tattoo ideas recently and stumbled on your blog as a WordPress headliner/front page feature…
    this page has inadvertently inspired me!
    Thankyou for your photos, keep snapping away! They’re awesome xxxxx

    P.S. got some ideas for a late birthday party now too!

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