Bring back the buzz! ~ Help Save Bees

When I was a gardener occasionally a client would be heard to say ‘Isn’t that a weed?’ that I was tending. Instead of starting a long conversation about what is a weed and what isn’t; is the double headed poppy that appeared in my garden this year a weed because the seed must of fallen from a birds bum? I would bite my tongue and say ‘Yes but it’s also a bees breakfast!’.

My style of gardening is to ensure that some weeds are left to naturally grow as they provide the best habitats for our native wildlife. Buddleia is wonderful for Red Admirals. Wild white clover for our endangered bees. If the garden doesn’t buzz I haven’t done my job.

This summer I had the opportunity to don a bee keeper’s suit and photograph a new bee hive. The white honey comb is made from sugar water that was fed to the new bees to encourage them to stay close to home for the first few weeks as they get used to their new location.

The rest of this bee series are mostly taken at Ropewalk Community Garden, my own garden or the marvellously planted East Park in Southampton City Centre.

Please learn more about planting for our endangered bees, we need them so very much. Without bees our flowers will not flower, we could loose one third of our diet and the spectacular healing properties of honey. Bring back the buzz ~ Help Save Bees!

©2010 Tori Green. All Rights Reserved


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