Circles in the corn…

“In this green and pleasant land
We have a dream to understand
In the mountains of the mind
There is a spirit you will find…” © Dreadzone

It is 10 years now that I have been visiting crop circles. Late spring begins, the rape fields flower and the circles start to arrive in the fields of Hampshire, Wiltshire and slowly over the decades they have spread up country, over the channel, the atlantic, the globe. Beautiful circles, beautiful art work, beautiful messages, beautiful questions…

‘Who’ is usually the dominant question when people see the amazing images created in the crop fields but after dancing that dervish for over a decade I am now much more interested in the ‘What’ of them. The wonder and amazement created in the viewer and for those that read these glyphs a little deeper provides a truly mindboggling array of geometric patterns to decipher and understand. Who made them? Now there’s a question!

Like cherries on the top of a fine cake, crop circles enhance and add that little bit of magic and mystery to an already luscious ancient landscape filled with monoliths, stone circles, archaeology and wild nature that are the fields of Merry England…and beyond!

This little photo series show a few of the circles, the croppies (the people) and the surrounding areas that I visited this year and the wonderful Barge public house that provides safe haven for relaxed colourful campers on the banks of the Kennet Canal.


A fellow photographer, who creates superb calendars, Steve Alexander is the lucky one who gets to fly above the circles and capture these wonderful images. Like flying over the Nazca lines ~ it is only in flight that we can see the full picture. Thanks Steve :)


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