Go wild at the Burlesque Boudoir!

It’s time I shared with you some of the wilder people I have been working with lately! After shooting a burlesque show for new club POP in Southampton I was inspired to put together a Burlesque Boudoir portrait package. To try the idea out for size a group of great friends volunteered to model, I raided Superdrug for eyelashes, borrowed a beautiful back drop from the Squeeze boys and raided Madam Jo Jo’s amazing attic collection of vintage and theatre wardrobe. Not to forget cutting chinese paper butterflies late into the evening before to fulfil my need for wildlife. With some pink fizz to soothe nerves we were ready to roll!

Firstly to introduce the beautiful, the stylish, the actor’s actress, the wenches wench! Madam Jo Jo!

To follow we have the delectable new male model on the block, with cheekbones like a stags antler, Luke the Lovely!

Our next portraits are of the de-lovely, the delightful, sultry songtress with a voice like rich honey, Miss Lucy ‘peekaboo’ Kitchen!

Phew! Next up we have fellow butterfly and wild life fanatic, Kinky Kira the Butterfly catcher!

And last by by no means least the naughty, irrepressible, mystic Scarlet Nightshade, she will eat you alive!

And the full group grand finale with added Dylan and his double bass ‘the room shaker’!

Thanks so much to The Brook, Holly Deacon for lighting loans, Gareth for lighting fiddling, Michelle for her make up help and all the great models who made my first styling job in a decade a breeze! Gorgeous the lot of them!

If you would like to enter the Burlesque Boutique to discover your showtime sauce or flash your delicious derriere just drop me an email with your ideas. Individuals, couples and groups catered for with the utmost care and some extra flare!




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