Announcing ‘The Cambodian Chapter’ Blog

Phnom Penh © Andrea Perera

Well, I guess I kept you in the dark, I’m sorry dear blog but I wasn’t really sure until I had the ticket that it was real. But you will note there is now a Cambodia page up top that will explain more!

I have let my flat, packed my bags (a little prematurely but I wanted to make sure it all fitted!) and checked the passport so I guess the adventure has already begun. I fly to Kuala Lumpur in 17 days and onto Phnom Penh, Cambodia thereafter where a good friend and a land cruiser will whisk me four hours or so south to Kampot. I’ll be away five months minimum.

I have started a blog for purely my time in Camodia and South East Asia to keep everyone up-to-date with what’s going on over there but promise to still keep this website/blog rolling too if maybe a little less frequently…

Come on over


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