Green School ~ Bali

I have been collecting ‘green‘ links a plenty from interesting people on my travels to blog about so I shall catch up a little whilst I grab some down time and nurse a hacking cough. Fresh ginger, lime and Cambodian honey tea is helping.

On my journey here I got chatting to a lovely woman, Henny, travelling home to Bali with her daughter India. What India thought of the young people dominated recent UK troubles and riots as a young adult herself I know not but, I do know, Henny’s daughter is one very lucky young woman as she studies at Green School in Bali.

Image © Green School

For a girl like me who found school an utter trial and would play truant to sit in the local park to talk to the trees and daydream I can think of little better than a building and green spaces such as these children have as a place to learn about the world.


Image © Iwan Baan

Green Schools website tells me that they are “preparing students to be critical and creative thinkers who are confident to champion the sustainability of the world and its environment.” It sounds great and the bamboo building is out of this world. Designed by John and Cynthia Hardy its sweeping spiral roofs and open air classrooms bring the natural world into the learning space and the students into the managed wilds to learn sustainability skills.

Lovely Henny! Should you read this do get in touch, Bali has moved up on my to visit list!


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