Founded by Capt Giles, Oink! have been making a noise in the street food market for the last two years providing food to festival goers, private weddings and at live music venues across the South of England. From humble beginnings Giles turned a vintage horse box into a Oink’s mobile kitchen including pots of fresh herbs, their own allotment grown organic vegetables and the finest locally sourced pork. Oink are a great example of the current trend for locally sourced food combined with great character.


Passionate about grub with a menu that includes their own range of bespoke sausages, locally sourced spit roast port and scrumptious rosemary and nutmeg pork patties.

Oink! has three main tenants to it’s ethos:

1 – ‘Carbon free is the future’ – By off setting the costs of farming, transportation and cooking.

2 – ‘Local is crucial’ – Products sourced so locally you can even follow their four legged partners progress over at iSty!

3 – ‘Seasonal food is super’ – Growing food on their own allotment and sourcing from local farmers markets & local artisan bakeries.

Supporting new business that works with the environment and uses sustainable farming I particularly like food shoots that involve porky scratchings. May many more young businesses with an ethos like the above thrive. You can book Oink! for your event by visiting their website www.oinktheporkcompany.co.uk


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