Workshop and Tour Update // Cambodia

‘Tori came to our rescue – an English photographer/artist, who has been living here! What we have seen today has absolutely blown our minds…NO tourists to be seen, encounters with the villagers and photographic and artistic opportunities to die for! We struck gold!’ Quote Kitty and Emma – GbN guests.

Tori Green offers photography and non photography walking workshops, creative retreats and customised tours exploring the heart of the ancient sites in Cambodia and Europe.


Currently available in Cambodia; an unforgettable country to visit, explore and photograph. The people are warm, full of smiles and the country wonderfully inspiring artistically and photographically with a rich, vibrant and moving history that will touch your heart.

Tori will not blind you with f stops, confuse you with ISO’s or intimidate you with huge lenses. She just wants to see you enjoy photography, the local folk arts and ancient myths as much as she does. Bring your camera, paintbrush or notebook to record your creative journey to the heart of Cambodia.



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