Meeting the Mekong ~ 3 ~ Cambodia ~ 2016

'Teuk Chhou talking.' ~ Meeting the Mekong Series ~
‘Teuk Chhou talking.’ ~ Meeting the Mekong Series ~
The Teuk Chhou river in Kampot is part sea and part freshwater and right at the bottom of the Mekong Delta region, fed partly by the Mekong river and partly by a source originating in the Cardamon Mountain range.
This photograph was made at sunrise at the side of the river where the night fishing boats come in. The local market stall holders arrive to buy the freshest fish, the atmosphere is exciting, the light stunning and people full of character. If you go find the lady who sells the donuts.
Title – ‘Teuk Chhou talking.’
Location – Kampot, Cambodia
Series – Meeting the Mekong
© Tori Green
This series is an ode to the people who work on the dam threatened Mekong River and all associated tributaries that bring life, or death, to the people, flora and fauna who live near the river in the Tibetan plateaus, Mayanmar, China, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. The Mekong is the most bio-diverse freshwater river on our planet.

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