What lies within… ~ Exploring, geometry, nature and human perception.

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A fine art photography series exploring geometry, found objects and the wild ways of nature and human perception.


Lepidoptera (Butterflies) ~ Cambodia ~ S.E. Asia

Seek and you shall find…

Some times people say to me, there is no wildlife left here in Cambodia. They are clearly looking in the wrong places…


Light and shadows

‘Where there is much light, the shadow is deep.’ Goethe

Wat Bo Series :: Sunset at seasons end


Jasmine dries, incense in the hazy pink, of the setting suns light. At my favourite Wat in Cambodia.

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Come on over!


My travel blog is the most current place to see what I am working on, where I have been and very soon (she says teasingly) I will tell you just where Green By Name is heading next. So come on over, it’s about to get very, very exciting!!

What a show off!

In my grandmother’s New Forest garden was a huge buddleia bush accompanied by a long lavender bed. In the summer I would sit there hypnotised watching the butterfly coated tree and hearing the somewhat
magical sound of peacock and red admiral wings thrum past my ears. My memory tells me there were many many more than hover on the buddleia bush in the New Forest Garden I am looking after currently.

This may though be a case of romantic childhood memories as Butterfly Conservation’s research shows that they have increased, possibly encouraged by the warming climate, in the South of England. BC tells us that there has been a “significant overall increase in the abundance of the Peacock since 1976.”

Well I am jolly pleased about that. The above Peacock butterfly surprised me by settling within perfect focus range when I was concentrating on some mating Chrysolina herbacea on Mentha aquatica…that’s wild mint beetles on copious wild mint to you and me!