Norfolk Blues // England // UK // 2016


What lies within… ~ Exploring, geometry, nature and human perception.

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A fine art photography series exploring geometry, found objects and the wild ways of nature and human perception.

‘Frozen Dew.’ ~ UK ~ 2016

'Frozen Dew on leaf.'
‘Frozen Dew on leaf.’


A friends little girl came to play and I wanted to get her away from glitter and plastic to show her natures magic. I found a leaf covered in tiny frozen droplets of dew. When I came upstairs and said ‘Look what I found! Quickly! Before the magic melts…’ her eyes lit up as if I had treasure in my hands. We put it safely in the freezer on a box of fish fingers. ‘I really liked that,’ she said.

I’ve been experimenting with a mirrored editing technique as research for a larger collection of geometry focussed mixed media work but the photographs are becoming a series all of their own.


Reservoir Tower – Elan Valley, Wales, UK.

I’ve been falling for gothic reservoirs and teaching photography in the Elan Valley in the wilds of Wales, UK. The Welsh landscape is beautifully inspiring in all weathers, the overcast day featured in the photographs below really highlighted the colours of the copper reservoir tower and the wide rolling hills of burnt ferns and heathers in the mist.



Seek and you shall find…

Some times people say to me, there is no wildlife left here in Cambodia. They are clearly looking in the wrong places…