Ekco 1930’s sign writing / Southampton / UK / 2016


My father was a sign writer, pushed out by the introduction of cheap plastic signage and I’ve been known to wield his brushes for a few choice establishments. This wall, believed to of been painted in the 1930’s, is in Bitterne, Southampton, UK.


‘Amazing Grace’ : Model Shoot Featuring Jamie Lee Conday

Squeezing in as much photography as I can before returning to Cambodia I managed to grab Jamie Conday from Models.com for a location shoot. Luckily for me he slept on our sofa last night so I grabbed him this morning, after tea and bacon sarnies, to make these images for my folio. There are some subjects that feel like they make my work easy, Jamie is one of them. That must be why Mario Testino uses him too!

Bristol::Found things walking

bristol::welcoming, graffiti, sculpture, food, light, hilltops, inspiring, sunshine, smiling, cake, colour, canal, artistic, lambs, creative, rain clouds, double rainbows, gallery, trees, earth ship, leaves, green, sustainable, community, free, stripey, yarn bombing, heartfelt, tasty…


‘Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.’
Mother Teresa

Happy Vaisakhi

I went for a walk with my friends little boy who we commonly know as Pobbins yesterday. We weren’t expecting to be enveloped in the crowds of Southampton’s Sikh community who were celebrating Vaisakhi. An ancient northern Indian harvest festival that also celebrates the ‘oneness of all’ within the Sikh tradition; drummers, dancers, singers and a holy man swept us along the streets proffering delicious samosas and some of the warmest of smiles I have met since being back in the UK.