‘Artist through to her soul, rocks whatever she turns her hand to. Bringing a feminine energy, playfulness, and joy..it’s a lot of fun to have a photographic session with her. She balanced some business portraits that were needed for Al Jazeera with some more light hearted ones. Thank you Tori!’ – Josephine Reynolds, Journalist, Model and Author.

‘Tori came to our rescue – an English photographer/artist, who has been living here [Cambodia]! What we have seen today has absolutely blown our minds…NO tourists to be seen, encounters with the villagers and photographic and artistic opportunities to die for! We struck gold!’ – Kitty and Emma, Cambodia Tour guests.

‘Tori and her helpful (and humorous!) mountain guides introduced us to magical, ancient sites where new discoveries in wildlife and ancient history are still to be recorded. We felt like true explorers! An adventure we will never forget!’ – William and Susan, Cambodia Tour Guests.

‘Great service. Great hotel. Great tour. Great photographs. Thank you for going above and beyond to make me feel so welcome to Cambodia.’ – Anna, Cambodia Tour Guest

‘Tori took extra care to perfectly organise my special requests and was a pleasure to travel with. Seeing my grandfathers house was an amazing experience that without Greenbyname I would not of been able to realise. I can’t thank you enough. Orkun tom tom!’ Dara, Cambodia Tour Guest.

‘Greenbyname provided an excellent in-depth research, transport and translation service for our recce trip. Highly recommended.’ Chris, FourMedia.

‘Tori manages with dignity and grace.’ Hotel Guest ~ Rikitikitavi


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